How to get there

  • to Ghent
    • by train: from all European cities good connections to Ghent Sint-Pieters railway station in the heart of the city. Check out connections & buy tickets through SNCB Europe.
    • by plain: good connections from all over the world to Brussels Airport. Trains leave directly from the airport (level -1) to Ghent Sint-Pieters and take 54 minutes (fast) or 83 minutes (slow). Current leaving hours from the airport are x.03 (fast) and x.25 (slow). Check details at Belgian Rail.
  • in Ghent
    • by foot: From the railway station to hotels and from hotels to conference site is in most cases walking distance.
    • by bike: At several places in Ghent, including hotels, bikes can be rented at good prices. Ghent is a bike-friendly city.
    • by public bus/tram: From the railway station to city center (hotels) and to the conference venue, several busses and trams are available. Check out at De Lijn. Stops close to the conference venue are Gent Beneluxplein, Gent Ekkergemkerk and Bernard Spaelaan.
    • download a city map, or plan a walking or biking route in Ghent. A map will also be available for each of you on the registration desk.
  • conference venue: Faculty of Psychology & Educational Sciences, Henri Dunantlaan 2, 9000 Ghent.