Welcome at the  EARA 2018 Conference webpage!

Submit your proposals & abstracts now! Submission deadline extended to March 15, 2018!

Confirmed keynote speakers:
  • Prof. Dr. Eveline Crone      
  • Prof. Dr. Judith Smetana  
  • Prof. Dr. Lisa Crockett  
  • Prof. Dr. Eva Pomerantz  

 Confirmed invited symposium chairs:

  • Prof. Dr. Frosso Motti-Stefanidi, on 'Resilience in adolescence'
  • Prof. Dr. Koen Luyckx, on 'Identity development in adolescence'
  • Prof. Dr. Sander Thomaes, on 'Authenticity, self-concept clarity and contingencies of worth in adolescence'
  • Prof. Dr. Jaap Denissen, on 'Personality development in adolescence'
  • Prof. Dr. Luc Goossens, on 'Gene-environment interactions in adolescence'
  • Prof. Dr. Ersilia Menesini, on 'Adolescence and new media', an EADP-EARA symposium
  • Prof. Dr. Ilse Derluyn, on 'Migration and adolescent refugees'
  • ...

The organizing committee of the upcoming EARA conference in Ghent, Belgium (12-15 september, 2018) is working hard in preparing this meeting. Soon more information will be spread through the website and mailinglist on program, practical issues and other important information. Check your mail and this website regularly!

The overall theme of this XVI biennial meeting of EARA is: “Nurturing adolescent growth”. Starting from a positive view on adolescence and recognizing that adolescence is a not only a period of risk but also an age of opportunity, we invite papers, posters and symposia that highlight positive youth development. Although we welcome contributions on any topic relevant to adolescent development (including risk for psychopathology), we particularly call for research dealing with features of adaptive development (e.g., prosocial behavior, adequate emotion regulation, personality maturity, social competence, identity strength, resilience) and contextual support for such positive development (e.g., high-quality parenting, supportive teacher-adolescent relationships, secure peer and romantic relationships).

Wim Beyers, Bart Soenens & Maarten Vansteenkiste, chairs of the organizing committee, together with all colleagues of Developmental Psychology at Ghent University.